Pocket Full of Questions

TJ is a young boy who has so many questions, he stuffs them in his pockets and asks anyone who will listen. One day, he get scolded for having so many questions and is told to sew up his pockets of questions.

Consequently TJ grows up fearful to ask any questions about anything until the day Kim comes to work in his office. Will TJ find the courage to be curious and ask questions that can lead him to love and his future?

A portion of the proceeds of this book will go to support Cyndi Young (the inspiration for the story) as she becomes a full time missionary in Bolivia in 2012.

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Donna Whitten

Although "Pocket Full of Questions" is Donna Whitten's first book, she has been writing for more than 20 years. Born in Miami, but currently residing in Sugar Hill, GA. Donna has written several scripts for stage and film weaving metaphors and humor into redemptive themes.

"My great joy is when people see something about themselves in my writing and they are challenged to become their best self."

Donna is donating the proceeds of this book to support Cyndi Young, who inspired the book. Cyndi is leaving to be a missionary in Bolivia, serving the children in Kara Kara (a garbage dump community).

Cyndi Young

This story was inspired by my encounter with Cyndi Young.

In 2008, she called the church to speak with a pastor. When I spoke to her, she told me that she worked with people who attended 12Stone. She wanted me to tell them to "stop praying for her." She said she wasn't interested in church and declared she was involved with WICCA and making other destructive lifestyle choices.

Over the next couple of months we spoke, and I listened. We met for discussion over coffee almost weekly. She clearly had her defenses up and her attitude engaged. However, once she saw I wasn't going to "bail" on her, she began opening up.

A major breakthrough occurred when Cyndi admitted that she had questions but didn't want to look stupid. Once I gave her permission to ask anything she wanted to and assured her there were no stupid questions, she just beamed! Three years later and 50+ years old, she is still asking questions and growing into the beautiful person God created her to be.

This journey of questions has led Cyndi to accepting God's love through Christ and God's call to a future as a full-time missionary. She leaves in 2012 to carry God's Kingdom to His children in Bolivia.

To read Cyndi's full testimony, click here.

Part of the proceeds from this book will go to support Cyndi. If you would like to donate directly to Cyndi's trip, you may do so by clicking here.



Story - Donna Whitten
Illustration/Animation - Kyle Goodman
Music - Nick Kirk
Narration - Ivan Benson
Producer - Asher Emmanuel

What Folks Are Saying

I guarantee any parent or grandparent will be able to remember the innocence of their own children in TJ's story. It's a beautiful reminder that God has given each child that gift of inquisitiveness about the world in which they live. -Jelly Telly
If you have children or are a child at heart...if you are a teacher or a life long learner...you need to check out my good friend Donna Whitten's new children's book "Pocket Full of Questions" - Good for any soul who is brave enough to ask questions. -Dustin Ahkuoi
Just got my copy of Donna Whitten's book, "Pocket Full of Questions"!!! For every kid, adult, and kid at heart... -Daniel Self
Great Children's Book -- Highly recommend.. . Check it out. -Dan Reiland
Atticus wants to read "A Pocket Full of Questions" at least twice a day. Good job both of you. It's a pretty long book to hold the attention of a 22 mo. old! -Lesley Carroll Ralls Howe
The elementary school in Gwinnett County where I teach will incorporate "Inquiry" curriculum heavily this year. I plan on sharing this book with all the teachers and administrators. It is a great "children's book" to kick off the inquiry curriculum. -Theresa Case DeBold

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Pocket Full of Questions